DANTE 2021

“Ravenna remains as it has been for years.
The eagle of Polenta broods over it
so that he covers Cervia with his wings”

Dante Alighieri | Inferno XXVII, 40-42

Ravenna seems to Dante the most appropriate place to complete his Divine Comedy. Upon arriving in the city, probably in 1318, the Poet takes refuge in the court of lord Guido Novello da Polenta, a man of wide cultural interests. In Ravenna, the Poet is immersed in a peaceful atmosphere, the perfect atmosphere for completing the drafting of the Paradise: the city in the Commedia is always characterized by a veneer of calm and stillness. Dante immediately becomes an object of devotion in Ravenna, that turns into a real worship after his death, occurred in September 1321.

Ravenna in 2021 will celebrate the seventh centenary of Dante’s Death.