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The idea of OrienteOccidente association was developed by a group of individuals from different educational and professional backgrounds. They were brought together by a strong wish to share their passion and love for the town of Ravenna with those who are as enthusiastic about its architectural and cultural heritage as they are.

Ravenna was the capital of the Western Roman Empire, seat of the Theodorician court and symbol of the Byzantine domination. These historical periods left their marks on the city with an extraordinary complex of Basilicas, Baptisteries and Mausoleums all decorated with splendid mosaics. As a crossroad of different cultures, it reflects this condition in its unique and incomparable artistic production; the town hosts eight perfectly preserved sites, included by UNESCO in the World Heritage List for the supreme mastery of their mosaic art.

Moreover, Ravenna is universally known for welcoming Dante Alighieri while in exile during his last years. The town was a source of inspiration to the poet, as recorded in several pages of the Divine Comedy. Dante was buried here; the museum in his name is also a major research centre for literary studies.

OrienteOccidente’s main activity is focused on the promotion of Ravenna’s unique monuments and figurative arts. The association is also covering different cultural sectors by setting up events aimed at both residents and visitors.